i wish i’d gone to chew the fat

kate moross made this tee shirt that is too sick and it has sold out i am so annoyed. 
and i failed to see one of the coolest lineups in all of time and space as raffertie played alongside fake blood, a1 bassline, foamo, oli D.A.B and pirate soundsystem at corsica studios last night. (update from vandalsavage!!!!: fake blood was ill so jack beats filled in!!!! raffertie was insane. there were nearly tears all round during stomping grounds VIP. a1 bassline was also classic!)
so that would reason that i’d be in a bad mood now right…
NO! because luck has it that a) kate has also been designing a new set of t-shirts for her label ISOMORPHS, one each month for a different band….ooo yeah and january saw a beast telepathe creation followed this month by two phenomenal simian mobile disco crop circle like b+w beauties.

they are very cheap and very limited edition and very bloody cool so get some HERE!!


 AND b) raffertie has made up for me missing him with this fantastically murky bassed up new production of the scarlot harlots’ backlash! you may want to listen to it in whole a couple of times before making judgement, it is one of those songs.  HAPPY WEEKEND!!!

backlash (raffertie’s bigger bass remake ft. shiftee moova)

2 responses to “i wish i’d gone to chew the fat

  1. i went and it was heaaaaavvvy.

    love the blog man only just found it but in response to the raffertie love… we just did a post on him with a fair few tracks you mayyyy like.

    keep it up. blog love.


    kashta x

  2. thanks dude. chew the fat was a great night. may have seen me i was the very mashed youth with long black hair in raffertie. had a fucking siick time. i know ur blog man! it’s cool! love the toast remix of raffertie loving all his stuff at the moment actually. peace. x

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