AAAAAHHH!!!! this may be my favorite post to date! i did some research to find the best wobbly electro tracks in town and met these monsters. every time I listen to them I get overexcited and normally end up injuring myself, my question is how do you dance to some of this stuff??? like the first few times I listened to AC SlaterJack Got Jacked (Jack Beats Remix) and Mustard PimpOh La La Satan. dangerous….trully brilliant brilliant pieces of dance in the form of dirty wobble!

now wobble!

3 is a crowd – take it back (heavyfeet remix)

Pulsating, angry wobble! cool vocal samples and perfect, rhythmical use of the ridiculous wobble sound we’ve all come to adore.

dave spoon & dj zinc – ghost train (lee mortimer remix)

Definately one of lee’s better remixes which is really saying something. Probably the most laid back, if you can call it that, of the post. a slightly more gentle wobble sound but to devastating effect!

mightyfools ft. guerilla speakerz – amsterdam

My favourite of the bunch and probably of the year so far (not including Mustard Pimps new stuff). guerilla speakerz telling us how he overdid it on the booze and then it drops you into the classic mightyfools sound at its best with huge bass wobbles on the offbeat. unfortunately this isn’t the whole track but a good 3 and half minutes of it. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the bass changes at 2:32. 2:32 people!

hostage – shake it

This track builds up with ultra cool piano chord hits and then slams you with an almost dubstep bass. Very angry and very very fucking good!

bollocks brothers – fakin’ it

THE ANGRIEST, WOBBLIEST, STOMPIEST TRACK HERE! New kids on the block bollocks brothers have really taken wobble electro to the next level here. This is hopefully what the rest of 2009 will sound like! genius wobbly base and a fucking stompy beat. WE LOVE STOMP!!

OK i need a lie down now. I need to prepare myself for chew the fat. I can’t even wait for fake blood, foamo, A1 bassline, pirate soundsystems and RAFFERTIE!! Please leave your comments and tell us what you think of todays post and we’d love to hear some reccomendations as well. HAPPY WOBBLING FROM THE WOBBLY WIZARDS!


3 responses to “OBSCENE WOBBLE!!

  1. The link for “Fakin’ It” is broken!! Please fix thiz!

  2. re-upped! should work now

  3. sick tunes! you guys kill it

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