Mustard Pimp’s new mix + tracks


Rubik and Ein Zwei Polizei are finally in good quality and wow what a difference it makes! Mustard Pimp have also released a new mixtape called the PMS mixtape which is banging. And very cheekily, Mustard Pimp’s next remix to be released (of Atari Teenage Riot Rage), is on the mix after no warning or availability on their myspace. Unexpected from the Parisian nutters. Usually they say when their stuff is coming out. The remix sounds quite repetitive and annoying at first listen but the second time I listened to it I could imagine the carnage it would cause on the dancefloor  and the third time I slapped myself for thinking negative thoughts in the first place. Their own new production Valium is also on there which by the way is awesome! Here are the dates for their upcoming material:

Mustard PimpColonel Mustard (Coming 21/02/09)
Mustard PimpKiwi & Cherry EP (Coming 21/03/09)

Now these tracks and the mix were posted to discobelle but I thought it would be quite cheap to knick them and put them on here, I just had to tell the world….



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