gifvaliumbs2First of all really sorry if the picture gave you the impression that we have Valium by Mustard Pimp, we don’t. We could get you a poor quality version but its not really worth it, you can do that yourself if your that desperate, I know I am! Instead just some more essential tracks that the Wizards have stumbled upon.

Boemklatsch – Bonafied (Mightyfools Remix) A banging feel good fidget remix, not one which will make your ears bleed or scares your granny, just a well constructed electro track with some tasty hooks.

Stereoheroes – Poundcakes Stompy, playful and mad is how most of Stereoheroes’ stuff pans out…. and boy do we love it! One of the French superhero group’s  best.

Crookers – What Up Y’all The kings of fidget (sorry Crookers but its true) produce an nice hook using metallic synthesiser sounds. It definately grows on you.

Mightyfools – Addict Best of the lot! Lulls you into a false sense of security with an Ibiza-esque build up and female vocal samples, then drops you into a dark, muddy, wobbly bass in your motherfucking face….place. We really love Mightyfools. Addict is from their Partyjunkies EP which we’ve already talked about in an earlier post. Please fish out some loose change for it cos its worth it, Amsterdam is the best track on it, even better than this one!

Hot Chip – Hold On (D.I.M. Remix) D.I.M.!! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN! If you are expecting the usual D.I.M. banger, it ain’t, but don’t be dissapointed. Its still got elements of older material like the clean drums and great rhythms, but where it lacks intensity, it gains melodic quality.

Fagget Fairys – Samo Ti (A1 Bassline Remix) Garage/Bassline/Fidget. Its all here! The young London lad has got so much to offer, this is one of his older, rarer remixes. I love it when the bass comes in! No I really do in this one.

Djedjotronic feat. Spoek – Dirty and Hard (Stereoheroes Remix) Some more hardcore yet cheeky hooks. Stereoheroes also know how to work those vocal samples. Superb!


2 responses to “GET YOUR FIX!!

  1. evenin beats. superb once again, when you gonna get your mustardy pimpled hands on valium?

  2. deathlectrics

    we don’t know, maybe never!

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