box – head (s)

meet the BOX – HEAD (s)  – honestly what a fantastic idea. the work of japanese designers fei and shuFen/KSF – brilliant.

look at the rest here!

now for music! today i have for you one of the happiest little jigs in the truly insane style of hudson mohawke. straight off his new EP polyfolk dance -BUY IT AT bleep for ONLY £4 – this song chops beautiful vocal loops and mixes them in with soft hushy synthesizers to make real life magic happen in your heart!

velvet peel

for the other end of the scale is a new track from RESO… in the words of mary anne hobbs – this is an absolute monster. it is yet to be released – called OCTACON – and it really is damn huge. everyday i am feeling like the dubstep crowd is moving that bit closer to breakcore. to the likes of venetian snares and otto von schirach. i think i find that worrying.i mean raffertie!he is basically there! so here it is, cut from hobbs’ experimental radio 1 mixtape….OOOOOH DEAR!

OCTACON [radio rip]

and without further ado i present focus. dutch progressive rock. literally defies description. THEY MUST BE ABSOLUTELY CRAZY I SWEAR. BIG UP george williams for this one.

hocus pocus!


2 responses to “box – head (s)

  1. Mr Know-it-all

    Just for your information, the boxheads designers are not japanese. singaporeans.

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