Just Fidget Please!!


since the emergence of the so called “fidget” or “fidget house” scene, its become somewhat of an addiction for me to listen to these certain tracks on full fucking volume ALL DAY. the phrase was supposedly coined by jesse rose and switch as a joke and it comes as no surprise that it has been questioned as a classification of the glitchy electro which has benn pioneered by the likes of crookers, the bloody beetroots, herve and fake blood  over the past year(ish)……oh and obviously jesse rose and switch. for me it’s by far the most defined sub-genre in the massive expanse that is dance music. with its wobbly, rythmic, manic synth sound and bouncy electro beat, the one word that sums it all up is FIDGET. It’s music for ADD kids, it gives you so much and keeps you so excited for so long, leaving you with an unforgettable feeling of ecstacy and, of course, it is perfect music to dance to. here are some fidget tracks which i’m overplaying at the moment, obviously some have already been posted (everything by MUSTARD PIMP!)

sound of stereo – evil panda 

the best 2 words to describe this track are bouncy and circuslike. What’s not to like.

shinichi osawa – the golden 

this track is on the extremely talented jap’s album “The One”. a powerful, dirty fidget track.

a1 bassline – bad man horror theme

FINALLY A GOOD QUALITY VERSION! one of my favourite all time fidget tracks. IT NEEDS NO EXPLANATION, JUST GET IT.

don rimini ft. verb – pussy stay on my mind 

 you can always count on the don to pull out a lovely sounding fidget banger! this track just another reason to believe in him. i do……….

hostage – lighter

a trully wonderful tune. an essence of commercial dance but thats the beauty of it.

OH SNAP!! – i’m too fat to be a hipster (mightyfools remix) 

confession: I listened to this track ALOT in the last few months of 2008, so yeah i’m not playing it that much nowadays. The fact that it is such a fucking fidgety track and one of my favourites tunes, forced me to put it on. watch out for Mightyfools. partyjunkies is they’re new EP which sounds very very good with its essence of bassline. AND THEY’RE DUTCH!….weird. BUY MIGHTYFOOLS PARTYJUKIES EP!! …….its definately worth forking out some money for this one. the EP includes they’re own fucking sick originals, PLUS remixes by AC slater, heavyfeet, OH SNAP!!, boemklatsch and liam vizzle.

other artists to sink your teeth into are (obviously including the ones mentioned above) bryan cox (crux Records has alot of good stuff), lee mortimer (a.k.a. Sawtooth Sucka), stereoheroes, foamo, mikix the cat, jeff doubleu, tits & clits, heavyfeet and hijack. and just in case you haven’t been following this blog, MUSTARD PIMP (the best of the bunch).


2 responses to “Just Fidget Please!!

  1. Thomas Stuart Norton

    There’s no doubt that since I heard crookers back in 07 that fidget has essentially ruined my life. I’m encouraged there’s someone with this afflication as well. These tracks should see my fix for about 2 days or so…..

  2. I wouldn’t say it has ruined my life but it has definately blinded me to other genres. I would probably be really into Friendly Fires or closely following Foals movements if I wasn’t so addicted! Animal Collective’s new album is definately light at the end of the tunnel however.

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