the squire..


the squire of gothos, named after a star trek episode i think, have crafted my new favorite song. it’s called triple drop and it features a fellow called MC condom as well……yeah! it drops three times. kinda obvious. firstdrop wonky disjointed madness, seconddrop uber-powerful driving wobble, thirddrop……distortion!!!! i highly recommend this because…………….by mars it’s fucking obscene. also, here’s another one of his tunes that’s features on the new mustard pimp mixtape (link coming soon), sandpaper riddim. another banger. 

the squire of gothos – triple drop (feat. mc condom)

the squire of gothos – sandpaper riddim

and on that subject here’s party, sex and bullshit by art whiplash, another song on mustard pimp‘s new mixtape; another banger. this song draws from the heavy distortion style exemplified by gods like boys noize. quite retro in our fast moving times but not worth missing. 

art whiplash – party, sex and bullshit



One response to “the squire..

  1. chuffed to see that pelski is only a mere 3 weeks late picking up on the squire of gothos….well done you wobbly wonky wizards!

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