excessive mind splitting brilliance

okay so BY A STROKE OF MASSIVE LUCK i got my hands on this album. i dont want to tell you what it is. but i will tell you it really is unbeblooodylevable. ridiculous. like the sort of unbelievable when you can lie in bed in a daze and listen to it twice over on a sunday morning with no consideration of anything apart from marvel and amazement and MY WHOLE MIND SPPINNING AWAY IN AN UNIMAGINABLE FRENZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 here goes, the first two tracks.   you have to buy it when it finally comes out – it is just so brilliant – i am owning that as soon as it hits shelves. or hits anywhere. i dont even care if it hits me, in fact i’d be honoured. you’d be honoured…………….JEESSSSUZZZZZZ

mystery box 1

mystery box 2


2 responses to “excessive mind splitting brilliance

  1. Hello again. I am so incerdibly excited, listening to your two secret tracks literally blew my mind back to a time where pissing on walls and drawing all over your parents favourite bed linens was common place. I’M ALIVEEEEEE. Having gone out and bought the album yesterday I have spent the last 24 hours getting high, dancing around the room, and then collapsing in a heap before staring the whole process again. call me hasty……………………… Album of 2009? Anyone?

  2. yeah i felt the same. like my brain had melted. and the whole album takes you through this journey through this entire world of their creation and you are flying and then falling softly down in some hazy area of the planet where the gravity is somehow different and then you get rocketed up again lifted by that little electronic beepy melody in brothersport;.it is so clever wow. peace scrobbler.

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