mr. OIZO


i was inspired, recently, to look over the work of a certain mr. oizo………….what followed was an absolute OIZO binge. he’s awesome; he looks cool, sounds cool and is just really really fucking cool. just read this interview, he’s like the gregory house of electronic music. (although apparently he’s actually a really nice guy…i like it my way)



ahhhhh he’s so awsome! and wierd……oizo started off as a video director but quickly fell into the french electronic scene after befriending laurent garnier. he had his first real musical hit with the electro song, flat beat, which became a huge success all around europe through a series of levi’s adverts directed by OIZO and featuring a yellow puppet called flat eric. cool. (((here’s the flat eric video!!))).  i first really got into mr. oizo in 2005 when he released the album Moustache (Half a Scissor), one of the wierdest albums that i like. it’s completely mad, notes thrown around, but………it just has banger after banger hidden in almost every song. all 3 of these songs are wicked, really weird, but classic……nurse bob is just insanity…you just have to give half a scissor a bit of time……and….stunt is an unashamed banger……dressed in some sort of costume. i highly recommend you buy everything mr. oizo has made and listennnnn. 


nurse bob – mr. oizo

half a scissor – mr. oizo

stunt – mr. oizo

his next project was the film he directed and soundtracked, STEAK, with the help of french deity sebastien tellier and the mighty sebastiAn. i have to admit i haven’t seen it and if anyone knows where i can please, please email me!!! however, i have heard the soundtrack. some of the strangest and french(est) electronic music i’ve ever heard and i fucking love it. i’ve put in three tracks that show off the character of the album the best but there so much more in this dream team album….another buy i’m afraid.


hashish vers – tellier, mr.oizo & sebastiAn

bonhomme – tellier, mr.oizo & sebastiAn

c.h.i.v.e.r.s. – tellier, mr.oizo & sebastiAn

and finally i’ve got round to talking about his NEW(ish) album, LAMB’S ANGER. it does seem like oizo has turned a kind of corner with his music…..he’s stuck to the sounds and techniques but has, in some ways, toned down the eccentricity of his music which has created one of the most superb albums of 2008. go on his myspace and enjoy his fantastic dance music and get your hands on this album……but for now here’s a RYNECOLOGIST remix of the single bruce willis is dead from oizo‘s new album, lamb’s anger. (which is wicked, i just love the actual bruce willis sample before the drop……die hard rocks, it’s the truth)

bruce willis is dead (rynecologist Yippie Ki Yay edit) – mr. oizo



One response to “mr. OIZO

  1. that is fantastic. really interesting music – the moustache tracks are so advanced much more than just shameless bangers. mmmmmmmmmm

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