wobble & bass.

to be honest, i was, at first just confused by what i heard when i was first introduced to the tunes of raffertie. he’s an absolute nutter. his wonky, wobbly and frankly super-intense style of noise is really something. he’s something different on the scene, someone actually doing his own thing. i could compare his music to sped up wonky dubstep but that hardly does it justice. raffertie snatches the maddest aspects of bassline, old skool rave, dubstep, wobble and electro and kicks the shit out of them. AND i found out jack beats fucking love him!!!!!!!! in jack we trust. they even wrote on his myspace wall saying, ‘that new rmx you got up is heat bro!‘. straight from the men! these songs are great examples of his style and there’s MUCH more to raffertie he keeps churning out brilliant bassy remixes and crazy original tracks. both stomping grounds and do that are bursting with mad wobble and cut up bass and i love his bassy remix of faithless but, be warned it’s not easy listening but it’s the way forward. 

raffertie-stomping grounds

raffertie-do that

faithless-insomnia (raffertie’s !WRONG! bass dub)

the rogue element-the hive (raffertie’s S.W.A.R.M remix)  (highly recommended!!)

check out his myspace for his best new tunes. he’ll be in london again soon!!!!!!



“Trust me, not even Caspa can rival the straight sickness of Raffertie’s wobble.” – CRAZYLEGS 

2 responses to “wobble & bass.

  1. good quote man!he is obscene – new remix on his myspace is an absolute monstrosity.YES MATE!

  2. Alex Palumbo

    : ) — That’s what i thouuught.

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