happy new year

this is our list of the songs that have soundtracked our year, the songs that have kept us dancing and kept us amused and amazed!!! it’s been a fucking good year for electro. to be honest electro is a bit of a lie……there’s fidget, wobble, house, bassline, techno but yeah no drum and bass & dubstep……they’re different. but equally sexual…..well not drum&bass. but you get the idea. it was pretty impossible but we managed after a long session. a few artists missed out by a whisker, like bloody beetroots, who have been consistently amazing but not quite. anyway i hope you enjoy these 18 bangers (not in any sort of order oh god that would have been hard!) and feel free to tell us what you think.



les petits pilous – wake up
AC slater – jack got jacked (jack beats remix)
little boots – stuck on repeat (fake blood remix)
fake blood – mars
the presets – my people (D.I.M. remix)
math head – get hype
the chemical brothers – hey boy, hey girl (soulwax remix)
machines don’t care – beat bang
foamo – rockerman (lee mortimer remix) 
[i am very sorry lee (the man himself emailed me!) does not want a 320 version up- we will re-up 120..]
crookers – lollypop
the proxy – decoy
does it offend you, yeah? –  we are rockstars
project bassline – drop the pressure (the count & sinden remix)
midnight juggernauts – road to recovery (D.I.M. remix)
mustard pimp – oh la la satan
the proxy – raven
ZZT – the worm (original munich version)
kid cudi – day ‘n’ nite (crookers remix)


2 responses to “wizards.2008.electroplaylist

  1. Shithot list mate.

    Any chance of zipping it up and putting it on one biiiiig download?

  2. but that would be cheating!!

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