I just can’t get enough!!


mustard pimp

already done a post on them but I just can’t get enough of them! Simply the best new electro artist of late 2008 and I expect to see even more great things from them in 2009. If you haven’t already downloaded all the previous mustard pimp tracks on this blog, well, DO!

mustard pimp – oh la la Satan (killing people slight edit)

EXCLUSIVE TO WIZARDSAREBETTER!! a slight edit, adding in some hi-hats and middle section. probably my favourite track of the year. DIRTY, BOUNCY, SCARY with an almost classical melody.

crookers – il brutto (mustard pimp el burrito remix)

A classic Crookers track which has been supremely pimped, with references to the Bloody Beetroots remix which is also superb. They’ve also added in the much loved “Crooookeeeerrrsss” cry which the italian duo use in a few of their own. panic!

mustard pimp – wha, han, yeah, shit

EXCLUSIVE TO WIZARDSAREBETTER!! really, i searched and searched for this song on all the blogs and it is either non existent or a dead link. One of MP’s first tracks on they’re first EP, raging blood. And wow, fast enough to be bassline, wobbly enough to be fidget, fucking grimy enough to be dirty electro and just good enough to be my second favourite MP track!

stereoheroes – washout (mustard pimp remix)

The original was great, the remix is……you guessed it, EVEN BETTER!! Staying true to the original but with the obvious mustard synth sound. How i wish i could make their sound…

the bloody beetroots vs. mustard pimp – detroit (zombie edit) (killing people mash-up)

EXCLUSIVE TO WIZARDSAREBETTER!! my favorite ever electro track, detroit (ghetto edit) by the bloody beetroots, also, to my understanding, mustard pimp’s favorite ever electro track, mixed with mustard pimp’s zombie revenge, also a fucking banger. 



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