THEE BANG GANG DEEJAYS, and their many masks.

dangerous dan, ajax, dj damage, gus da hoodrat, double nolan and jaime doom…















……….the line up of possibly the most awesome group of australians ever (sorry AC/DC……sorry neighbors). the bang gang deejays have only formally released 2 mix cd’s in the uk, their 1st, LIGHT SOUND DANCE, is the shit one of the catchiest, best chosen, most eclectic and best mixed cds around buy the fuck out of it. their new cd, d is for disco; e is for dancing, is set to be amazing. i cannot wait to hold it. these guys come highly recommended. download every one of their completely free mixes here>


They are also behind the amazing BAG RAIDERS. although recently moving towards a more vocal style they still bang out massively catchy synth cheese with huge songs like fun punch and turbo love. listen and enjoy.

bag raiders-fun punch

bag raiders-fun punch (bag raiders re-edit)


…………..and just a little bit more crunchy ozzie electro from calling in sick. lovely remix of bag raiders and an amazing remix of  midfield general‘s disco sirens. go australia!

bag raiders-fun punch (calling in sick remix)

midfield general-disco sirens (calling in sick remix)

and another one……..just the myspace……..Z Z Z………….good songs, cool myspace, worth a look. out


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