hailing from BUDAPEST, hungary, headshotboyz (despite having a fucking stupid name) make insanely cool music.


it has fiddles, flutes, opera, and strange, strange stringed instruments. it is the mix of your normal fidgetty electro with foreign rhthym and medieval sounds that makes them so very special – ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!

preliminary [a very hardcore dubstep edged track, breaks down into just a massive bass thumping brain fucking mess]

detector [like the soundtrack to a spy film, again quite hardcore build up- turns just very fidgety indeed – subcategory – ‘itching powder fidget’ !!!]

exodus  [aaah!this song is incredible. one of the coolest creepiest intro’s ever….strings, howling wind, SO HUNGARIAN!]

balkan powa [aha this is funny, an opera singer gets shot at the beginning. for some reason i have the idea it is the pope. and then its just an eastern european pipe jam!wooooo]


One response to “aaaaya!headshotboyz!

  1. these files are no good any which way you chop it, friend. do you you think a repost would be possible. your description has me salivating. cheers.

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