this is just a post to remind everyone that late of the pier are  probably the best band inside the planet.

if you haven’t bought their album already BUY IT. if you can’t buy it listen to it on youtube if you can’t do that then just start cutting yourself…………too dark?? yeah. but just listen.

here are 2 incredible live versions of space and the woods and bears are coming from their somerset house gigs earlier this year. just the beginning of space and the woods is enough. lotp.

late of the pier-space and the woods (live at somerset house)

late of the pier-the bears are coming (live at somerset house)

oh, and here’s an edit of space and the woods which was inspired by the live version, constructed by a little known duo “Killing People“. Its only an edit, not a remix but good enough to replace the original. i know, blasphemy.

late of the pier – space and the woods (killing people edit)


One response to “LOTP.LOTP.LOTP.

  1. those live versions are amazing.BUT KILLING PEOPLE LINK HAS [.TXT] EXTENSION so you have to delete that to turn it to m4a.maybe re-up without………

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