and as a present we have an especially festive post here thanks to Ontario(???!!……is that in canada?)’s finest>



rynecologist (el canadian dude above) has made a wicked and completely insane remix of last christmas. you must listen if not for enjoyment but becuase if you don’t you’re just as bad as ebenezer scrooge. but it is actually good……..but not as good as his remix of lil’ wayne‘s a milli. he uses the undeniably awesome voice of lil’ wayne and absolutely fucks it, sending it wobbling all over the place and then brings in a strong, simple but super bouncy synth. gold. enjoy.

WHAM!-last christmas (rynecologist christ-must-jam)

lil’ wayne-a milli (rynecologist bootybitchslap remix)

also check out his myspace  he has some wicked videos as he’s a crafty animator as well.


One response to “what-a-COLOGIST?

  1. that lil’ wayne remix is fucking bounciest track ever. also, i swear it uses every note there is!

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