the alkamist’s wizardry



The god that is erol alkan has, this year, surprised and amazed both dance and alternative music critics with his side project and band beyond the wizard’s sleeve. alkan and bandmate richard norris combine to create pieces that reconstruct the psychedelia of the 70’s using a unique mixture of musical know how and technical wizardry. they have also been known to put layer upon layer of acid drenched sitars on top of the rolling stones, very erol. They have four EPs (Birth, Spring, George and West) a whole load of brilliant mixes (check erols podcast) and have injected their style into contemporary songs by legends such as late of the pier, the chemical brothers and peter, bjorn and john(?).  (ps. sorry richard norris for giving erol so much love can’t help it)

Listen to these beyond the wizard’s sleeve’s tracks and remixes, happy tripmas!

beyond the wizard’s sleeve – red tuesday 

My absolute favourite erol related track! Description: The most amazing high in music played by sitars, oooooooooooo yyyeeeeeahhhhhhhhh!

beyond the wizard’s sleeve – get ready to fly

A nice, cool physcadellic rock track.

late of the pier – the bears are coming (beyond the wizard’s sleeve remix)

BEST BAND EVER, I SHIT YOU NOT, fucking awesome orginal song which Erol stays true to.  i’m sorry, but its a fucking no brainer.

peter, bjorn and john – young folks (beyond the wizard’s sleeve remix)

We do like our mainstream….sometimes. Erol tripifies a 2008 hit.

the chemical brothers – battle scars (beyond the wizard’s sleeve remix)

A  tribal remix of a track by one of the best electronic duo’s ever.


more erol! The next two are edits of the French prince himself sebastiAn.

sebastiAn – momy (erol alkan’s simple, yet effective edit)

sebastiAn – walkman (erol alkan edit)

Its Christmas in two days! Here’s another one which does need to be explained. erol produced late of the pier’s epic/classic/amazing/…..fucking amazing album fantasy black channel, and has since taken on the role of mentor to late of the pier with them even citing him as a father figure. Lead singer Samuel Eastgate (a.k.a. Samuel Dust) has started a solo project, with erol helping on some of the production and generally eroling it up a bit, called LA priest. I emplore you to listen! Melodic and electronic sublimity.

LA priest – engine


One response to “the alkamist’s wizardry

  1. that is intense alchemy. yes mr erol.keep the kids dancing.

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