bulk stock of popular christian jigs and psuedo-malaysian synth crisis songs


this is going to be a big post

and you are a small person

so DONT! eat too quickly!

the best things have stars ***

would you like a dubble bath?

kid sister – pro nails (rusko remix)                                   [uh-oh]

*** stagga – sick as sin                        

[crack is a gateway drug ]

jamie woon – wayfaring stranger (burial remix)                      [listen to with hot chocolate]

*** the rogue element –  the hive (raffertie S.W.A.R.M remix)                      [NOT MUSIC]

chase and status – running                  [not drum and bass mr chase. bad vocals / good sound]

*** a.c slater – jack got jacked (jack beats remix)         [NEBULA MAGIC MACHINE]

a space baguette?

the the – giant (pilooski EDIT)                        [THE THE IS A STUPID NAME]

sebastien tellier – sexual sportswear             [my life drawing soundtrack. the woman always freaks out with the sexual whispers]

CUT/COPY – lights and music           [saw a photo of them yesterday – pretty sure we’d get on]

ladyhawke – my delirium        [growing on me. but her name should have been she-hawk. as in a woman hawk, not lady hawke. what even is a hawke?] 

***metronomy – on the motorway       [autobahn vs this????]

***JUSTICE – NY excuse (live A CROSS THE UNIVERSE)               [raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHHHHHHH]

data – blow (remix)               [from metro area’s new

fabric cd – buy it for christmas it is so great]

morgan geist – LULLABY            [one half of metro area, up in the area]

***DE DE – s+m (SEXY MUSIC – X RATED)                [mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm]

a slice of talking toast

***times new viking – call and respond                  [LO-FI youuth clattering about is wizard]

***vivian girls – such a joke           [the world is in love]

fleet foxes – ragged wood        [amother funny american band singing about mountains and deer and log cabins]

laura marling – cross your fingers    

florence and the machine you got the love (live)           [BUY THE NEW SINGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

hercules and love affair – this is my loVE

***galaxie 500 – don’t let our youth go to waste            [velvet underground prodigys? so right]

***the velvet underground – after hours (live)            [from the boootleg ‘quine tapes’ buy it]

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